Gannon International Charities

Information Technology

Gannon Technologies Group & Litigation Systems Inc.

Gannon's two constituent technology partners, GTG and LSI, are both located in Alexandria, VA. These two firms are uniquely positioned to address the specialized information management, intelligence, data mining, and E-Discovery needs of a rich diversity of clients in the Washington, D.C. metro area and around the world.

Gannon Technologies Group

Technology Innovators and Pioneers

Gannon Technologies Group develops and delivers cutting-edge Research & Development, data mining services, and software products related to the location and extraction of embedded content on large volumes of documents and images. The mainstay of GTG's business is related to the conversion of paper documents into searchable full-text databases, as well as the extraction of key information from these documents for inclusion in "fielded" databases or assignment of XML tags. The firm boasts a highly skilled and ingenious team of R&D professionals who go beyond the theoretical to create dynamic, customized client solutions that deliver results. GTG's revolutionary biometric and pictographic applications, with nearly flawless data reproduction accuracy, offer both commercial and non-commercial possibilities for forensics, intelligence, medicine, litigation, the Internet, and more.

Litigation Systems Inc.

Unparalleled Effort and Expertise

Boasting more than two decades of industry experience, LSI has pioneered the development,implementation and refinement of technology in information management, including its own patented technologies. With clients that include Fortune 100 corporations, law firms, joint defense groups, insurance companies and the federal government, LSI has acquired a reputation for delivering high-quality, customized services that utilize the latest technologies and industry advances. Approximately 90% of LSI's revenue derives from repeat business from highly satisfied clients.